Hawaii Forest Bird Survey (USGS-HFBS)

The Hawaii Forest Bird Survey (HFBS) was conducted from 1976-1981 on the all of the main Hawaiian Islands except Oahu. While the main focus of this project was to document the status and distrubution of Hawaiian forest birds it also included a botany component to map the vegetation within the HFBS study areas and document the status and distrubution of plant communities, as well as native and alien plant species. During the plant surveys the field team collected nearly 3,200 vouchered plant specimens. The HFBS plant specimens have been stored at the PIERC Kilauea Field Station under controlled climate conditions. We have developed a preliminary Access database to catalog these specimens, however we have not had the resources to verify the identification, condition, and number of specimens for each collection number. Assistance for completing this effort will allow us to finally distrubute the specimens to appropriate repositories (Smithsonian Institution, BP Bishop Museum, and University of Hawaii Joseph Rock Herbarium). Additionally, the species location information can be incorporated into the USGS BISON database.

Many of these specimens were collected in extremely remote locations and include voucher records for both common, rare, presumed extinct, and new taxa.
Contact: James Jacobi, PhD (jjacobi@usgs.gov)
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Development of the Consortium of Pacific Herbaria and several of the specimen databases have been supported by National Science Foundation Grants (BRC 1057303, ADBC 1304924 and ADBC1115116). Data Usage Policy. Copyright © 2015 University of Hawai‘i.

How to Cite: M.B. Thomas, J.F. Rock Herbarium, University of Hawaii at Manoa. 2015. Consortium of Pacific Herbaria Database (CPH). Available from: http://www.pacificherbaria.org/ (date accessed)

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