Australia's Virtual Herbarium (AVH)

Australia's herbaria house over seven million plant, algae and fungi specimens. Herbarium specimens are an important resource for research on the Australian flora and provide a permanent record of the occurrence of a species at a particular place and time. AVH provides access to the collecting data associated with these specimens. Australia’s Virtual Herbarium (AVH) is an online resource that provides dynamic access to the wealth of plant specimen data held by Australian herbaria. AVH is a collaborative project of the Commonwealth, state and territory herbaria, under the auspices of the Council of Heads of Australasian Herbaria (CHAH). Herbarium specimens are accompanied by information on where and when they were collected, by whom, their current identification, and information on habitat and associated species. So far, approximately 75 per cent of the specimens housed in Australian herbaria have been databased. AVH is a dynamic resource. New specimen records are added as herbaria continue to database their ever-growing collections, and existing records are updated to reflect name changes and data validation work.
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Collection Type: Preserved Specimens
Management: Live Data managed directly within data portal
Global Unique Identifier: c479d523-62ba-4cd4-9262-de65e06735df
Rights Holder: Australia’s Virtual Herbarium
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Australia's Virtual Herbarium
Locked Bag 104
Bentley Delivery Centre, WA   6983
Collection Statistics:
  • 149865 specimen records
  • 115468 (77%) georeferenced
  • 22596 (15%) identified to species
  • 659 families
  • 1813 genera
  • 2727 species
  • 2792 total taxa (including subsp. and var.)
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Development of the Consortium of Pacific Herbaria and several of the specimen databases have been supported by National Science Foundation Grants (BRC 1057303, ADBC 1304924 and ADBC1115116). Data Usage Policy. Copyright © 2015 University of Hawai‘i.

How to Cite: M.B. Thomas, J.F. Rock Herbarium, University of Hawaii at Manoa. 2015. Consortium of Pacific Herbaria Database (CPH). Available from: (date accessed)

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