Authors: Michael B. Thomas and Casey Jones
Publication: Thomas, M.B. and C. Jones. 2015. Hawaii Seed Bank Tier 1 Species. Joseph F. Rock Herbarium, University of Hawaii, Honolulu, Hawaii. Last update published Nov. 18, 2015
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Locality: Hawaii (21.438912, -158.000057)

Checklist of common plant species targeted for phenological research and collection in 2015-2016 on Oahu Island. Seeds of these species are believed to have desiccation tolerant seed storage behavior. Orthodox seeds can be dried, without damage, to low moisture contents, usually much lower than those they would normally achieve in nature. Over a wide range of storage environments their longevity increases with reductions in both moisture content and temperature, in a quantifiable and predictable way.

Notes: DNLR Permit: ODF-091115R on file with the Division of Forestry and Wildlife Administration Office.

Common Names
Common Names
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Families: 24
Genera: 24
Species: 36 (species rank)
Total Taxa: 36 (including subsp. and var.)
Acacia koa
English: koa; Hawaiian: koa, koa`oha
Argemone glauca var. glauca
English: smooth pricklypoppy
Bidens asymmetrica
English: Koolau Range beggarticks
Bidens cervicata
English: Kauai beggarticks
Bidens torta
English: corkscrew beggarticks
Bobea elatior
English: ahakea
Cheirodendron trigynum
English: olapalapa
Chenopodium oahuense
English: alaweo, Molokai goosefoot
Dianella sandwicensis
English: `uki`uki; Hawaiian: `uki`uki
Eragrostis atropioides
unspecified: hardstem lovegrass
Eragrostis grandis
unspecified: large Hawai'i lovegrass
Eragrostis variabilis
unspecified: kawelu
Guaiacum officinale
English: lignum vitae, lignum-vitae
Kadua affinis
English: variable starviolet
Kadua centranthoides
English: forest starviolet
Kadua fosbergii
English: Fosberg's starviolet
Labordia tinifolia var. tinifolia
English: paleflower labordia
Machaerina angustifolia
English: Polynesian twigrush
Metrosideros macropus
English: 'ohi'a
Metrosideros polymorpha
Hawaiian: 'ohi'a lehua
Metrosideros rugosa
English: lehua papa
Metrosideros tremuloides
English: lehua 'ahihi
Myrsine lessertiana
English: kolea lau nui, mountain colicwood
Peperomia latifolia
English: Hawai'i peperomia
Peperomia membranacea
English: woodland peperomia
Pipturus albidus
English: Waimea pipturus
Psychotria mariniana
English: forest wild coffee
Rumex albescens
English: Oahu dock
Sapindus oahuensis
Hawaiian: lonomea; English: lonomea
Scaevola gaudichaudiana
English: mountain naupaka
Sophora chrysophylla
English: mamani
Touchardia latifolia
Hawaiian: olona
Vaccinium calycinum
English: ohelo kau la'au
Vaccinium reticulatum
English: ohelo 'ai
Wikstroemia oahuensis
English: Oahu false ohelo
Wikstroemia uva-ursi
English: hillside false ohelo; Hawaiian: `akia

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